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Where Pharmacy meets Philosophy

Welcome to RxPhilosopher!

My name is Philip, although depending on how we know each other, I also go by Phil, Philmon, or Phil from Philly. I am a newly minted pharmacist entering my post-doc in the world of medical affairs!

If you know me, you know I like to think – there’s a reason they called me Philly the Philosopher in pharmacy school. I’ve thought about making a blog for years, but I’ve always held myself back – with this, I’m ready to take action. I’m here to be authentically myself and share my experiences, or at the least, do something with my constant thinking. I’ll be writing primarily about pharmacy, mental health (especially men’s mental health), and culture as an Indian-American. Whether we’ve known each other for years, met each other once, or we’re just meeting now, I hope to use this space to connect with you and share something interesting! Thanks for visiting!

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